The Most Advanced Ticketing Discord Bot
BTickets is an advanced ticket bot for Discord. BTickets is developed with performance in mind. BTickets also includes an easy to use configuration via command. Meaning you can change a lot of the settings. You can modify the location of your tickets (category), and support role used and set your own channel for logging and more. BTickets is growing fast and we are pushing out updates as often as we can. We are currently working on a new web panel so you can manage all of your guilds in one place.
Do you need more than what we currently offer in our free plan? We understand organization is important. We offer a second plan called "Enterprise". This plan includes features such as custom departments (for the .new command). So you can assign specific roles, to specific types of tickets. This is great for large communities and businesses. Enterprise will also include the ability to run under your own bot token. This means you can have your own name, logo and "playing" on the bot. This plan also includes other features such as suggestions, and vouches, we are adding more to this to make it include other useful features.
Do you have a guild that has 300 members in it that uses BTickets? If so you are eligible for our partner program. Our partner program allows you to partner with BTickets, we will be helping you grow, and you will be helping us grow. In exchange for this, you will receive enterprise free of charge. You will also be able to join our beta program if you wish. Have questions? Join our support discord for more information.